Summer of AI 2021

The first edition of Summer of AI was in 2021. This edition was held entirely online due to the ongoing pandemic. With 5 participating companies, 30 students had the chance to work on real-life business cases.

The winning group of this edition was DSM!


Participating organisations

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Shell is an international energy company whose purpose is to power progress together with more and cleaner energy solutions. Shell uses advanced technologies to take an innovative approach to produce and distribute energy in more efficient, reliable and sustainable ways. Digital technology is making our existing operations more effective and efficient, helping to offer our customers low-carbon solutions. We are also working with others to address industry challenges and opportunities while investing in the next generation of clean energy technology.

Our case will provide students with an opportunity to work on a real-world challenging problem worth solving that has the potential to accelerate the energy transition.


KPN is a leading telecommunications and IT provider, market leader in the Netherlands. With our fixed and mobile networks for internet, television, voice and OTT services we serve private and business customers at home and abroad. In addition, we offer other telecom providers access to our widespread networks.We bring people closer to their loved ones and we make working and doing business easier by connecting everything and everyone, anywhere. 

Dutch Summer of AI students are welcome to join our Data Science Lab to experience how we create value for our customers and our company by applying state-of-the-art Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing methods. Can you help us better understand when and why a customer gets “not amused” during a call/chat with our agents? In other words, are you able to improve or supersede our weak-supervision and dialogue act modelling approaches? is part of the FD Mediagroep and market leader in Dutch business information and insights. We provide complete, reliable, up-to-date company information and business news about more than 3 million companies in the Netherlands.

The students will work closely with our data science team. Students will have the opportunity to work on one of the many interesting NLP and ML challenges we have. For instance: keyword extraction from company websites, cross language transfer learning for entity recognition, and forecasting of company financials.


Building on 300 years of expertise ABN AMRO is one of the leading banks in the Netherlands. With a main focus on North West Europe, we provide loans, mortgages and other banking services and solutions to companies and individuals. 

Students working with ABN AMRO during the Dutch Summer of AI will have the opportunity to work with one of the leading banks in the Netherlands. We employ hundreds of data scientists across the bank and work on some of the most challenging data science & AI topics. 

Our challenge to you: can you create an AI solution that saves the contact centre time in answering questions, while ensuring that the end user experiences a personal/human feel to it?


From century-old roots as the Dutch State Mines, DSM has evolved into a purpose-led science company numbering 23,000 people worldwide and specializing in solutions for Nutrition, Health & Sustainable Living. Our purpose is to create brighter lives for all – which is why we’re proud that our name has assumed a new meaning among our people in recent years: Doing Something Meaningful.

As a science based company, DSM continuously monitors scientific publications and studies, for instance in the field of vitamins. Analysing these publications and studies (checking claims and evidence) can be a time consuming task for DSM’s scientists.

Our DSAI case focuses on automating this task with the use of a system that can automatically monitor, read and extracts information from these publications and studies. During the case work student will investigate, understand, pilot and expand on open source AI solutions like to support our scientists in their tasks.

Participating students ideally have a basic knowledge of Python programming, NLP, unstructured data, ontologies/taxonomies handling and a basic UX/CX understanding. During the program we will support you in expanding your knowledge in these fields.